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Michael Jackson between his 'Thriller' and 'Bad' eras. Generally between 1985 and 1987.
Person 1: "See that picture of Michael there? It's not Thriller and it's not Bad. It's 'Thrad'"

Person 2: "Yes, he looked pretty damn fine in his Thrad era."
by ParmaViolet February 17, 2010
An advertisement disguised as a discussion thread. Spam.
I went to read this hot chick's blog posting, but it turns out it was just a thrad for her massage services.
by jsonpter May 30, 2009
A radical thread on a forum or image board.
Or a rad thread.
Proper use.
"Come to this thrad"
"This is so thrad"
by Shaiza7 October 22, 2011