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A big man that can take you out quite easily, but won't unless he has to. And if he has to you are a seriously annoying butt who pesters men that are much stronger than you are. This is the kind of man that build houses with their bare hands, carry doors of iron over their heads, and can build airplanes in their basement. This name is most common in the Scandinavia, but also found scarcely in the Alaskan region ( due to many Scandinavians moving that way). If you meet a man named Thorvold: take advantage.
Joe: How did you catch such a big fish?
Thorvold: My name is Thorvold, how else?

John: Such an amazing house, you built this? Wow. I wish I could do that, too.
Thorvold: Ha! too bad your name isn't Thorvold.
by House Fire May 31, 2013
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