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To get totally shitfaced drunk at the point where you could potentially be hospitalized but are brave enough to risk death from alcohol poisoning.
Ahh mate last night johnny did a thorpey.
by Johnny Bridges March 23, 2008
15 5
To have sex in a public place, such as a tent or a bush, usually while people are watching
mate so ur telling me u had sex in a bush.. while sam watched? o that is so guna b known as doing a thorpey

u had sex in a tent with ppl outside it, u did a thorpey agen didnt u? at least u live up 2 ur name

dude b rle did a thorpey wen he got head in that barn while the girls best mate was watching
by Barclay Bram March 25, 2008
8 0
Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe. See also Thorpedo.
Thorpey and Hoogie are SO getting it on, I don't care what they say.
by M March 18, 2005
12 4