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adj: To describe something that you enjoy fully and completely. Through and through.
1) I thoroughly enjoyed that huge piece of cake.

2) I enjoy the high of marijuana thoroughly.
by ae123456 January 19, 2009
to do something with too much expression or something that happens to someone too much.
1.Damm! Tony Montana all got shot up thoroughly!

2.Person #1 - Yo what u doin?
Person #2 - Nuttin.
Person #1 - Get to your homework.......NOW!
Person #1 - Naw dude i'm playin wit u! I all shouted at u thoroughly!
by djkaya July 10, 2008
Methodically, carefully, systematically, painstakingly, meticulously, comprehensively, exhaustively,
I thoroughly went through the documents.
by Robin Rico January 10, 2008