what you get when you get what you deserve for being stupid enough to wear a too tight thong underneath your too-tight, ill-fitting jeans so that everyone within 20 feet of your ass can see that you have once again failed to hide your nasty panty lines.
Someone should've told her that the point of the thong is to hide panty lines, not just displace them. Now she's got an itchy case of thong burn and can't go to the frat party with us.
by Stephanie Ellis September 11, 2005
Top Definition
When a thong leaves a rash in the buttcrack.
I have an irritating rash in my buttcrack from my thong.
by Loryn June 21, 2005
When a thong leaves a burn, or rash in ur butt crack.
Your butt crack burns from your thong
by Loryn June 19, 2005
That moment when you try to pull your pants up and accidentally grab your thong too and the friction causes your ass crack and/or vagina to burn.
"I pulled up my pants and gave myself Thong Burn."

"Wow I now have really bad Thong Burn!"

"I don't like thongs for the risk of getting Thong Burn."
by Zarrasai February 06, 2014
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