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Referring to the location of an object or the direction thereof.

Usually spoken in indiscernible mid-western accent native to Michigan and Minnesota regions. Copious consumption of PBR and frequent absences to local schools gave way to the formation of such words. It is thought that they were first spoken using the local dribble and live on through generations of perpetuating, and propagated, cycles.
Dude 1: Did it go thataway?
Dude 2: Bro, it went thisaway...
by rushjunkie May 15, 2011
Thisaway, is a countrified way of telling someone to take a Right Turn. Not to be confused with "Thataway" which is the countrified way of telling someone to take a Left Turn.
Homer: So when I get to the fork in the road, I go Thisaway, instead of Thataway.
by Sci-Flyer October 04, 2011
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