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A girl who is never satistfied and goes after more and more boyz at the same time even after they turn her down
Alliyah-Hey baby when you tryna call me
Chris-Mane I ain't tryna mess with you no more
Alliyah-But I love you
Chris-NAW,u just a thirsty trick
by Raven_Starburst April 14, 2006
1) A girl who is constantly after someone's man.

2) A hoe, fo' sho'.

3) Another term for slut.
She's a thirsty trick, always texting my boyfriend.
by nanie17 October 21, 2009
A trick (meaning a bitch) thats thirsty or beastin for a dude when it aint even that serious.
Calm the fuck down you thirsty trick I dont want him anyway!
by Ladii Dypsett March 10, 2007
An ignorant person who thinks they are better than everyone else
Man 1: I got a 100 on my bio test! suck it!
MAN 2: You are such a thirsty trick!
by alilwitekidandcregg March 09, 2010
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