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Scott Shepherd. An extremely thirtsy individual with long hair and tattoos. He resides in Stockton California and everyone knows he is dehydrated. His friends often attempt to hydrate him with gallons of Pedialite and chapsticks. He remains parched and is usually seen panting over an obese black woman.
I'm so thirsty I feel like scott. The thirsty turtle himself.
by Midas The Pimp December 30, 2013
The opposite of an Angry Dragon . Immediately after blowing a load in your partner's mouth, you smack them on the forehead so they accidently swallow it.
To make that chick swallow my load, I gave her a Thristy Turtle.
by Jason Rose September 26, 2003
Your partner is thirsty and you have a turtle head poking out. You shit in her mouth but she's still thirsty so she goes around to the front to blow you (with shit still in her mouth) until you have fully satisfied her thirst.
v. I had to shit so the she gave me a thirsty turtle.

n. Bobby's stripper was one thirsty turtle!
by BMF-Bobby August 01, 2008
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