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This is an ancient name. Derived from a culture of very short women who were incredibly skinny. They typically drank large amounts of wine and smoked incredible amounts of tobacco. They were known mostly for the size of their feet. Described as "canoe feet," they were seen in ancient cave carvings as having feet large enough to walk on water. The culture could be found around the area now known as Mar del Plata, Argentina. Due to the whiteness of their skin, they are also described as "Ghost women." Obsessed with stones, they were usually found sitting on flat labradorites which cause the flatness of their butts. Despite these shortcomings, they were also known as being very sweet to their friends, no matter what their friends did.
Wow, that movie was intense, I almost cried like a Maria Elena.
by miamibeachbum April 12, 2010
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