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One is third floored when one hears exactly the wrong part of another's conversation.
Person 1-"Hot chocolate is really good, it's like angel blood."

Person 2 hears only "ANGEL BLOOD!"

Person 2 is third-floored
by The saltsman & Hollandaise December 08, 2009
to be third-floored is to walk by a group and catch the one phrase of their conversation that makes your imagination shut down.
*walking by some people, minding own buisness, from the group: "It had FEET on its HEAD, okay?" *to yourself-"third floored."

*heard over a crowd: "and i said, use a condom before you rape me!"

*as you walk by some people, they hear: "but humans aren't meat flavored goo! oouuchh, they were third-floored"
by clearing up December 07, 2009
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