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Verb - Used casually on the East coast, it refers to when someone masturbates vigorously while in deep philosophical thought. It may also be referred to as ponderbating.
Toby Lerone: "Hey, what where you doing in your room? Where you masturbating?"

Maya Gingerkov: "Actually, I was thinking about what I want to do with my future."

Toby Lerone: "Bro, I heard your ballsack bouncing around."

Maya Gingerkov: "Okay, you got me. I was thinkerbating."
#masturbate #think #ponder #ponderbate #deep thought #philosophical #vigorously
by Qwad35 December 21, 2013
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To have engaged in deep thought by one's self.

Often experienced when we are left alone for periods of time with little to do.

Some of our best ideas don't come from teams, groups, or committees..... this one is all about you and your most valuable asset -- you got it.. use it.. anywhere - anyplace - anytime you possibly can !

The past tense of Thinkerbate.

Has been known to cause pain within the head, hair loss, and embarrassment.
Well -- I've been thinkerbating......
#thinking #thought #ideas #thinkerbating #daydreaming
by Dawson1972 November 03, 2010
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