1. Awesome rock band that revolutionize alternative music in the 80s
2. Expression showing that you have no idea about what something might be. Used mostly with several things you won't know
2. - "what're hyperboles?"
- "i dunno. They might be giants"
by rainking June 09, 2007
An awesome band based in New England, with an accordion/piano and a guitar as well as some extras, whose most popular songs include Boss of Me (Malcom in the Middle theme), Istanbul Not Constantinople, Ana Ng, Birdhouse in your soul, and I Palindrome I.
they might be giants Albums include Severe Tire Damage, Mink Car, Here come the ABC's, Factory SHowroom.
by polkacrazy June 13, 2007
The Pimpest...bestest...awsomest...sexxy....ACK! WE LOVES THEM!
I am the biggest Gianthead EVER
by Brittainy September 21, 2003
Alternative band formed in the mid-80's that can really rock the accordion. Their lyrics are always easy to hear, though slightly more difficult to understand. Their music has a good sound to it, and like I said, their accordion is awesome.
"Every jumbled pile of person has a thinking part that wonders what the part that isn't thinking isn't think of."
-exerpt from the They Might Be Giants song, "Where your eyes don't go"
by The Endless WIN December 06, 2010
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