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An Actor or Actress. Used extensively by Variety. Short for Thespian which is derived from Thespis of Icaria, the first credited actor.
Thesp Laurence Fishburne's role as Morpheus was weakened for me because I could not stop remembering him as Cowboy Curtis on Pee-Wee's Playhouse.
by SmokyJoe November 16, 2008
A thesp is a fucking annoying genre of person found in university musical and drama groups. There are different degrees of thesp, all of which have the same underlying over-confidence. To spot a thesp they are generally wearing stash advertising their latest self promotion production of shite. These 'productions' are not usually for the entertainment of the masses, merely an opportunity for thesps to show you how well they can sing or twiddle their jazz hands. Thesps are loud and over-articulated and generally shit. Unlike the actresses and actors one sees on the television, your average university thesp is ugly, and compensating for their lack of good looks by being a dramatic retard. Also known as luvvies
"Look at that girl waving her arms around and being a little bit too loud"

"Yeh, I know her, she does drama. Thesp."
by ihatethesps May 27, 2006

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