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When someone uses big words despite the fact that they:
-Cannot spell
-Sound unnatural saying them
-Don't know what the words mean
-Didn't need to use such complicated words to get their point across
-Are really dumb, and try to sound smart by saying them
Tom: I have just explicated your histrionics you boondoggling pantimime!
Jake: And you are also guilty of thesaurus rape....
by Brahma January 31, 2007
The use of "big" words in lieu of their "common" counterparts (often out of context) in a futile attempt to sound more intelligent. This technique is often used by liberal arts students when attempting to sound competent when talking about a subject that they have no clue about.
In a class room discussion about

Jill: Urban Dictionary's abominable nature not only proliferates the use of exiguous, diminutive, colloquial English, it actually bolsters and espouses it!

Jack: ya, and it gives us words like thesaurus rape to describe what you are doing!!
by dmangest August 17, 2009
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