Initially quiet but internally opinionated. Creative, bright and drawn to the beauties of life. Childlike curiosity with and edge. Always too cool for school but loves geeking out. Theron's usually marry amazing women who play hard to get. Pretty much awesome all around and only spaz when they are running late or their wife is. This is when Theron's get moody. Sometimes Theron's will listen to moody, melancholy music to communicate their annoyance. Supermarkets are also a typical nemesis because of crowds and too many food choices. Theron's are typically tall and strong, love sports, love competing, love movies and making movies, loves music, loves travel, loves cynicsm and wit, and love eating until they pass out. Theron is a true fat kid.
"Theron, where did all your food go?"
"I was scared I wouldn't have enough to eat."
by macaroni and cheeselin February 07, 2010
Top Definition
This name has been around for many years
Meaning: the almighty, the ruler, the women snatcher, the big dicked man who WILL beat you down for talkin dat dumn shit. BEAST.
all these terms were used for this name.

Guy:Hey Theron!!
Theron: Get Slapped
Guy: oh ur bein silly arntcha??
Theron: The Fuck You Say Nigga!?!?!?!
Guy: Wha?!?!?!
Guy: awwwwwwwww u shot me!! u little BIT-
Theron: (pisses in mouth). hahaha YEA!! who da bitch now??!??!?!?
by Tha Beast On 3rd ST January 23, 2009
Having uncontrollable bowel movements. The inability to control ones bowel movements. To eat rotten food and then have explosive diarrhea.
I ate some rotten shrimp and then had The Rons so bad I had to change clothes.
by Freidan December 13, 2009
1) A mischevious creature that feeds off aquatic life.

2) A small helpless moster that lives in marine and other moist environments.
Damn my ass won't stop itching, I think I'm getting the-ron.
by master July 06, 2004
(1) One who has been passed the torch directly from the gods of rock themselves, he tends to be extremely musically talented and have a very mellow attitude, A rare gift to humanity indeed. The ancients called him "The-Ron" or "The one who is most awesome".

(2) Slang: Meaning that Theron's guitar style and specific licks were added to a song, particularly in the solo.
" See how I put a little Theron in there"
by TheronB April 29, 2008
Originally from Ronald (old Norse) which means "ruler's counselor;" Theron, in recent history, has become the little known derivative of "The Ron," a politically incorrect and often derogatory or offensive term.

Appearing in the 13th century Scotland, Ronald quickly became a popular name. Many affluent families began to pass down the name to their first born sons. By the mid 1800s Ronald (or Ron for short) had accrued notoriety, respect, and admiration as the majority of Ronalds had made themselves wildly successful.

Circa 1853 there came to be known a certain Ron who was a less than savory character. He had brought shame to his family and the subsequently disowned him. He immigrated to the United States of America to start anew. Ron was a scoundrel, a drunkard, and a bit of a philanderer. His friends began to name his terrible and often foreign actions after the man himself. Thus coining the term "The Ron." Hence forth he was only known as "The Ron."

He was much older when it was time for The Ron to pass down his family name. He had much regret for his behavior of old though the damage was done. Ronald was no more and there was only The Ron. With his gained respect for tradition he could not bring himself to bestow upon his son any other name than his. So in an effort to stay with tradition without handing off the shame, Theron was born and his son was Theron, as was his son, and his son.
Dude, I got The Ron at work today.

Dude, you're so behind the time. It's Theron now and that's not nice.
by Minky Stuffin February 17, 2011
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