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The Thermochav offers energy saving products with extensive marketing spin and ambitious performance claims. Thermochavs can be seen smoozing around the NEC, motorway services and other similar venues.

The Thermochav wardrobe is inspired by PremierInn interior design, with facets such as The Breitling Watch, golf tee cufflinks and Bart Simpson socks reminders of the family he rarely sees during the week but for which he sells his soul on a daily basis.

Diet includes steak sandwich, pint of stella and Alka Seltzer for evening meal. Breakfast is full English, Radio 2 and a glance at the Daily Mail for today's conversational sound bites. Some newer breed types have granola and natural yoghurt instead to follow their hotel spa/swim/jog but are viewed with suspicion. The Thermochav is expert in diverting attention away from difficult issues such as coefficient of performance and replacing them with 'customer testimonials' and pictures of smiling children in bathtubs surrounded by sunflowers and Norwegian Ffords. Their language is a basic form of technical English and confusion between energy in kWh and power in kW is almost universal. The Thermochav is revolutionising home heating and links well with the Greenest Government Ever. Shame the products don't deliver what they say.
The Greenest Government Ever has been listening to Thermochav opinion
by Steam Head November 29, 2013
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