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(n.) Derives from many things

---> Thermo, as in Thermoflash
---> Mocha, pronounced "mow-char", as in embarrassing mispronounciation of mocha, pronounced (mock-ah).
---> Moto, as in Motor
---> Lattie, as in another embarrassing mispronounciation of latté.
---> Dog, as in, Dog.

Basically, a ThermoMochaMotoLattieDog is a dog that is like a sausage dog, but is more a coffee coloured beast with wheels, that spends most it's time either rolling down hills at high speed, or teaching French through the medium of dance.

It was discovered in 1954 by a French Scientist called Jean-Luc Poop, who saw it teaching French to a group of British tourists. Being a "Moto"LattieDog, as well as a ThermoMochaMotoLattieDog, it's a speedy bastard, and Poop had a hard time catching it. He managed to do it though, when he saw the ThermoMochaMotoLattieDog struggling on dancing out the forms of the future-imperitive tense, and managed to stab it before taking it back to the lab.

Since then, there have been no further sightings of the legendry beast, and a lot of people say that Poop killed the ThermoMochaMotoLattieDog when he stabbed it in the face. Poop now lives under a bridge in southern France, and answers to the name "Oi Fattie..."

The term ThermoMochaMotoLattieDog used to describe a particularly over enthusiastic teacher of French, or any subject for that matter who never stops moving, but now refers to anyone who just won't stand still and is very very very annoying.
"How was your wedding then Harry?"
"It was brilliant thanks"
"Really? I heard you father in law was acting a bit of a ThermoMochaMotoLattieDog..."
"Yeah, he was...but then I stabbed him"
"Oh, righto"
by The Gladwell March 13, 2005
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