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Usually the first thing that someone must admit to themselves before becoming a Freethinker.
Once John said there there is no god, he realized that all of us are part of a million year old social structure that is as complex as any of our body parts.
by Pointer of the Obvious August 17, 2008
What one says upon discovering something truly, unimaginably awful, so awful, in fact, that it causes one to cast aside the remaining shreds of belief one clung to for years that there is any meaningful order to the universe, much less an intelligent designer of said universe
Guy #1: "Did you hear Sherri Shepherd's getting her own sitcom on Lifetime?"

Guy #2: "There is no God."
by lexiphile March 05, 2009
What one says when they discover something truly vile and horrifying. Only used upon finding finding something unusually, shockingly wretched.
Guy1: Check this out:

Guy2: There is no god. O.O;
by OTRMain November 20, 2005
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