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Theia is the name for a Phillipino, incredible, amazing, lustiful figured, gentle, halarious but also dirty minded human being. She studies hard and plays hard and is naturally good at everything. She will be your best bud, unless you dislike Harry Potter, then she will hate you. She is a boss at art and pro at sport. Her interests include shanking, planking, wanking, thanking and tanking. She gets high on permanent marker and deals drugs in the ghetto. She is a muggle but a wizard at heart and eats magic crackers. She won a hot dog eating competition 7 years in a row. Although, she enjoys malesting children in her lower basement. Other than that, shes a good person I would trust her with anything ;)
Omg, if I saw that Phillopina Theia again, I would easily take her back to my place and offer her some milkshakes. DAYUM!
by Que veux tu November 16, 2011
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