Simply a Legend.

But can be Many other words....
(Nikko) : Who did that fart it was Mean!!
(Flappie) : Not sure, Must be a Thehan

Example 2:

(Gumdi) :Whos that New Kid Wid all dat swaag homie???
(Bluewaf) : Dayuum Gumz, i aint Sure But it gotta be a Thehan

Example 3:

(celina) :
Look at that guy, looks like the Hulk. Its a goddam sexy beast.

(flipena) :Yeap, Thats Thehan

Example 4:

(Chris) : Who dat straight up gangster, homes?

(Leopard Skin) :Straight up gagstah?

(Chris) : Yeeah dat kid?

(Leopard Skin) : Oh yeah... heard he Dangerous homie..The name i think is Thehan? or somfin?

(Chuck) :Shit, Thehan's coming! Roll out playas!"
by loodoo1234 November 29, 2011
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