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A nickname for Athena, a cuter,shorter pet name for Athena
Athena: haaay how are you

Elliot: goood how are you theens
by EveryOtherNameIsTaken February 01, 2009
A nickname for Athena. A shorter, cuter term of endearment for Athena.
Ex: 1
Athena: I love you mama

Elliot: I love you too theens

Ex 2:

Athena: Woaah that onesie iss sexxay

Laura: ohh why thank you theens, Magdalena seems to like it too
Magdalena:(watches creepily as both talk about the onesie)
by everythingelseistaken February 01, 2009
an adjective describing a good-looking girl who is thick and lean in all the right places
Dawg, see that theen girl walking over there? She is fine.
by d.Nasty May 23, 2011
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