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Special dismount used primarily while riding quads. Methods include following someone down a hill, after seeing them struggle with a drainage gully on said hill. Dismount involves flying over the end of the quad, spread eagle, while the quad follows, flipping and landing on the rider several times. Aftermath of the dismount includes kicking dirt on the downed rider and saying "Harden the Fuck Up!"
"Dude, did you see that guy perform TheViking? Hurry up, we need to kick dirt on him!"
by s@ndm@n February 25, 2009
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While enjoying intercourse with a female after ejaculation you punch her in the head until she's knocked out. Then burn her house to the ground.
That bitch was annoying so i showed her the viking.
by boobtet September 13, 2009
8 1
When your lady is just wearing knickers and you (standing) flip her upside down, stick your head in the afore mentioned knickers and chow down. She can also go to town so its fun for everyone.
Spot the dog barked as Tom fliped Jane and did the Viking!
by MurderousYoric March 23, 2009
8 3