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Two in the Pink, two in the stink. Then begin to do the Vulcan greeting sign from Star Trek. Use your thumb for the clit.
Here comes the Vulcan.... Oh, you like it when Spock says hello, dont you!
by Hereitcomes September 18, 2006
The Vulcan is a sexual practice in which two fingers are placed in the vagina and the other two fingers on the same hand are placed in the anus with the hand doing the Vulcan sign as a result
Awww dude, this girl was so hot I took her home and gave her the Vulcan
by Neo1875 March 09, 2011
When you put two in the stink and two in the pink just like your giving the vulcan salutation
"Bro smell my fingers I gave her the vulcan"
by Bushido Brown May 16, 2009
Closely related to the shocker. Insertion of the pointer and middle fingers in the vagina and insertion of the ring and pinky fingers in the anus.
I was giving her the shocker but she wanted more, so I stuck my ring finger in her butt and gave her the vulcan.

Vulcanize that ho!
by bruno funkyzeit September 17, 2008
Like the shocker, but with all four fingers. Two in the pink, two in the stink.
Sally was bored with the shocker, so she demanded the vulcan.
by sunsetloc July 14, 2014
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