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(variants: my, their, our, his, or her may replace your)

It is someone's turn to make the decision
Which direction will you go from here? The ball is in your court.
by Light Joker November 10, 2005
107 61
1) It's your responsibility now.
2) It's your problem now.
3) I did my part, now it's up to you...
President: You people voted for and legalized marijuana; the ball is in your court now.
by jbalboa November 23, 2010
52 45
the Origins of this phrase are as yet, unconfirmed. But is believed to have been first said somewhere in the south of England

a non-confrontational way of saying "it's your turn" and can be adapted as in his/her/their court.
Adrian: do you wanna spark it?
Gareth: the ball's in your court, man.
Adrian asking Gareth if he wants to light Adrian's joint.
by Stoner October 18, 2004
46 44