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1. Moderately to extremely bad.
2. Not good.
3. Exclamation of badness
"Dude, I fell off my bike today." -Mike
"The worst!" -Joe

"I'm sorry, but you can't ride on the 1 cent pony at Meijer." -Mom
"The Worst!" - Kid

Dave's computer crashes...
"The worst!" - Dave
by 1345 May 27, 2010
A person that gives you the least helpful answer possible to a question you ask them.
Jack -"Craig. How does this work?"

Craig - "It doesn't"

Jack - "You are the worst"
by j4ckcolley November 04, 2015
1. someone who makes poor decisions and pretends to be a good person when, in reality, they suck at life
Jon called Rory to tell her how great his life was going after he cheated on her while he was living at her parents' house; he literally is the worst.
by LynZay January 28, 2016
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