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It is the act of using Saran wrap to place over the vagina of a questionable clean female before eating her out. Sort of a condom for your tongue.
I picked up a bar whore last night and she wouldn't let me fuck her if I didn't eat her out first, so I gave her The Teddy.
by barnyard1 February 18, 2011
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When one cannot find an individual of the same age to hook up with, so jokingly hooks up with a freshman, or an individual of lesser age and/or power
OMG she hooked up with that freshman... she totally pulled the teddy!
by singingblonde5678 November 03, 2010
A school prank which consists of you locker dunking someone and then it is immediately followed by a teabag while the person is on the floor. Simply locker dunk and hang from the locker and slowly slide down to do the teabag.
I'm going to do The Teddy on him today in school.
by D-Teal May 27, 2011

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