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1) A Russian Style of the martial arts
2) A Russian lacking a penis causing it to move in an abnormal pattern (snaking)
1)Snake Snake Snake
2)The snake beats all
by Mr. Squirt November 23, 2004
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A hand gesture that moves in the motion of a snake towards another person stomach while making the sound "buulllluluul!"

Also called the Turkey Noise-K32
I gave Tim the snake pretty good last night, buuululululu!
by snjsky October 09, 2006
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When a permiscuous, young Ryan Powees takes his gentle fingers and protrudes them into other men's rectums and wiggles them around yelling, SNAKE ON THE LOOSE!!!
I was taking a nap last night and powees came up to me from behind and caught me with a nasty snake.
by Powees January 22, 2005
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