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G-Union has nothing but a bunch of hoes since they wrote the above definition, so won't the real *Wonderboy Marvel* stand up
G-Union: C'mon you know that I suck for a buck.
*Wonderboy Marvel*: Suck on this trick
(2 Gunshots)
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 29, 2003
The greatest team in the NBA right now. The team that as I recall beat my corny ass team, The Mavericks. Also, the team with Allen Irverson, the guy whose dick I like to suck on so much until my mouth turns white.
Helwo. My wame is wonderboy warvel and i wuv the wixers. I am the wastardized wersion of Wayne Brady and i like to write wies on WurbanWictionary.wom cause i wam a Wracker. (See "Wracker")
by *Wonderboy Marvel* July 25, 2003
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