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1. A short lived goth rock project in the mid-80's by Sisters Of Mercy vocalist Andrew Eldritch.
2. A band, with many videos on YouTube, and about 25 albums available for free download (just search "the sisterhood whatever floats your boat", first result) , who advertise themselves as "death metal freejazz". Songs include: "Annoy The Cripples" "Touched By An Uncle" "Right In The Nuts" and my personal favorite "Kiss My Big Dumb Gay Ass". Quality stuff!
1. "Everything is lost in the giving ground" (Giving Ground, a song from The Sisterhood's only album "The Gift")
2. "What do I do? I got a big f**king tattoo! It says KISS MY BIG DUMB GAY ASS!!!" (Kiss My Big Dumb Gay Ass, a song from The Sisterhood's 22nd album "Whatever Floats Your Boat")
by DKUberNoob May 06, 2013
lesbians. so named for the closeness of lesbians everywhere.
did you see shelley is now friends with the two lesbians next door? she is also probably in the sisterhood!
by msfoxxx March 03, 2011
a pack of STUD MUFFIN girls. they the sexy.
anya cropper, lily trevallyan, grace drummond, chloe haigh
=the sisterhood
by matt downie October 10, 2011
A group of 2 straight girls and a gay guy. They have a secret handshake, and they recognise other possible future members of the The Sisterhood by their correct demonstration of the "Bend and Snap" (As seen in the popular movie "Legally Blond").

The Sisterhood are extremely bitchy by nature, and will shun out all others.

Althouhg they usually travel as a pack, a solitary Sister will become irritable, mopey and even more anti-social than usual until they are united with another Sister, an which point they will immeadiately fuck off to whereabouts unknown (possibly a secret hide out).
Person 1: LMAO! Did you see what the Sisterhood just did!
Person 2: PMSL! Yes, yes I did. Ugh - Absolute cunts.
by 12436578 March 30, 2008
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