Homestar's atepmt at being funny ,

not as funny as strongbad kicking the cheat into strong bad ... with chicken pox
Now i choose to recite a list

"olympic race"
"a book of matches"
"a lot of money"
"witches brew"
by Redlen September 24, 2004
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Major League Baseball, esp. when contrasted with the minor leagues.
In his first inning after being called up to the Majors, the young pitcher gave up a towering home run. The commentators just chuckled and said, "Welcome to the Show, kid."
by BW25 March 25, 2009
AKA National Hockey Leauge (N.H.L.)
That guy has sick dangles, he's going to The show for sure.
by A. Doherty February 01, 2007
The bigtime. A euphemism for having arrived, or becoming successful. Also used to denote someone moving on to bigger and better things.
Did you hear where he's working? That's the show.
Also: After he got that job he got rid of that Toyota, and he's in a 7 series now, it's quite the show.

by Naymweth Eld June 23, 2003
The Show is an age old performance. It has been performed by many talented gladiators over the years. The first occurrence of the show was in a blue Nissan Quest minivan, when a young boy, confused by one of his body's natural reactions, decided to make his member dance.

Every time this boy would have this reaction, he would scream "SHOW", and reveal his pantsfull. Many would try to to mimic this incredibly mesmerizing performance, but non would succeed. Only the original show master would be successful.

Only his bonerific talents will bring crowds to watch the show.
"Yesterday in the car this guy did the nastiest thing ever!"
"No way, what did he do?"
"He whipped it out, started screaming 'It's The Show!', and flexed his penis all over the place!"
by Buttlooker67 June 03, 2009
term given to when one women plays with her vagina enough to give the viewer the pleasure of an erection. sometimes the show is wet, sometimes the show is moist, and sometimes its just downright dirty.
Cathy couldn't wait to take Bob to The Show.
by Narvie July 16, 2005
A girl with huge tits that wears revealing clothes year round. Guys congregate from all over to see her in all her glory.
Guy 1: Damn did you see The Show today? Bitch is fine!

Guy 2: I know, I got a double-feature!
by The Philosoraptor March 19, 2010
A part game show, part talk show, hosted by Homestar Runner.
BUZZ! "Oh, I'm sowwy. The cowwect answew... was 'e-mail'."
by Tom December 18, 2003

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