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The Show is an age old performance. It has been performed by many talented gladiators over the years. The first occurrence of the show was in a blue Nissan Quest minivan, when a young boy, confused by one of his body's natural reactions, decided to make his member dance.

Every time this boy would have this reaction, he would scream "SHOW", and reveal his pantsfull. Many would try to to mimic this incredibly mesmerizing performance, but non would succeed. Only the original show master would be successful.

Only his bonerific talents will bring crowds to watch the show.
"Yesterday in the car this guy did the nastiest thing ever!"
"No way, what did he do?"
"He whipped it out, started screaming 'It's The Show!', and flexed his penis all over the place!"
by Buttlooker67 June 03, 2009

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