It's the second of the "Joker Cards" released by the Insane Clown Posse. The Ringmaster is "all the hate and sin in your life whipped and spun into form" (adapted from "Wax Museum"). He leads the Dark Carnaval.
One sinister beast, one known only as the Ringmaster.
by Tykeyla January 12, 2007
Top Definition
First WWF Ringname of Steve Williams (Stone Cold Steve Austin) when undermanagement of Ted Debiase in 1995
"I don't wanna be The Ringmaster anymore. I wanna be Stone Cold" - Steve Austin
by James Fulcher October 03, 2006
"i love you ringmaster, spank me again with the squirty flower"
by farty birthday March 23, 2004
ICP's second Joker's Card which features a very kick-ass gold clown with long, sharp claws and a top hat. It came after Carnival Of Carnage and before The Riddle Box.
If someone made a black sweatshirt with The Ringmaster on the front instead of The Riddle Box, I'd totally buy it.
by Juggalette Mini March 22, 2004
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