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When a condom is slid onto a cylindrical object such as a dildo, cucumber, ect and then placed in a freezer until the condom is frozen stiff. (The use of popsicals is also permitted)

You can either attempt to put the condom on your penis however this is not recommended, think "tongue to frozen flag pole" or leave the condom on the cylindrical object and attempt to slide the frozen condom into a woman's vagina while making the "choo choo!" sound.
She kept complaining how hot it was in the room when we were having sex, so I told her to put her hands over her eyes, and play with herself for a second until I came back.

I left the room and pulled a Popsicle out of the freezer, and shoved the Popsicle in her vagina, shouting "choo choo bitch" I totally ran The Polar Express!
by Nerdious November 14, 2008
44 39
The act of inserting an ice cube in the anus or another.
Hold on baby, here comes the Polar Express!
by Aaron 156 July 17, 2006
2 6
running the train on your friend who visits for christmas.
We gonna take her upstairs and give her the polar express.
by bootylicious December 13, 2004
15 25