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A university located in Columbus Ohio. A member of a conference of universities of whom ALL of which are ranked within the top 30 public universities in the nation, a fact which no other conference can claim to, especially the SEC, which only has one school which is worth a shit. Ohio State prides itself in being a university that does more than recruit good college football players, because as it turns out, in the big scheme of things winning football games and hiesman trophies doesn't really mean shit. Though ironically, Ohio State has won more games and heisman trophies than almost anyone.
Oh, you care about what you do with your life AFTER college? Go to The Ohio State University or another Big Ten school
by bucks_rule January 24, 2011
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The University of Florida's Bitches
Gator: Hey bitch, get me a HotDog.
Buckeye: What ..aww.. c'mon man..
Gator: Now Bitch! Don't make me chomp THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY'S ass AGAIN!(does the chomp with arms
Buckeye: ... want relish?
by The Cheetah Dude April 03, 2007

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