Kick ass BBC2 Show. Tim is my hero.
When Dawn finally left Lee for Tim my faith in womankind was renewed...
by Allan February 22, 2004
A documentary about an epidemic in the city of Scranton, PA where people struggle to find love and relationships outside of the workplace.
Near complete list of hookups within The Office

Pam and Roy
Jim and Pam
Jim and Karen
Michael and Jan
Michael and Holly
Michael and Oscar
Angela and Dwight
Angela and Andy
Ryan and Kelly
Meredith and Bob Vance, Vance Refridgeration
Kelly and Darryl
#the office #love #relationships #documentary #epidemic
by Suave July 01, 2009
A prime example of British comedy at its best. Originated in Britain (obviously) but followed up by America with "The Office - An American Workplace" which, frankly, uses American humour and all our best quotes eh boys ;)

Co-written by Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant who also appeared at Live 8 this year! -
"Who says famine has to be depressing!"
by Drinkup July 06, 2005
An awsum comady featured by the bbc. Includes such jokes as the classic office dance, the inflateable cock, the staple in the jelly, and much, much more!
10/10 for david brent. - ricky gervais
'When i get home im gona watch the office'
by thedudeofkl May 09, 2005
A show that uses a unique form of "comedy". I used to think it was funny but then I matured, and realized that it was an extremely stupid show.
"Did you catch The Office last night?"

"No, I don't watch that. It's fucking stupid."
#the #office #comedy #stupid #funny #not
by Jamesokay March 04, 2010
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