A band containg the members of greenday and several other members of i dont know what . cool songs like spike and roshambo techno / punk verrrry cool
ps they wear masks - secrate identities but obviously greenday
the network Spike intro hey im bandon but mi friends call me spike
by Jessica1 July 01, 2006
Top Definition
A German band that released their first (and only so far) album, Money Money 2020. They're basically a 'side project' of Green Day and some of their friends. The Network wears masks, has a techno sound, but it's not the sucky techno. Only for hardcore Green Day fans or poseurs. I think they're Green Day's alternate personalities. Have fetishes with disease and art and such. Definatley not for people easily disturbed. They also made up the religion of Lushotology. Band members include Fink (Billie Joe), Van Gough (Mike Dirnt), Z, The Snoo (Tre Cool), and Captain Underpants.
Dad: This sucks! It this Green Day?
Me: No, it's The Network.
Dad: Who's that?
Me: New band.
Dad: They're not too bad...
((Yes, this actually happened. Yes, my dad is lame.))
by Jessica <3 TN & GD. Deal wit it! January 24, 2006
The all powerful information trades commission. Somewhat of a black market of the Information Age.
"Yeah, I know her name and phone number.. but it will cost you for the Network's services." - Celtic Storm
by Celtic Storm February 02, 2010
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