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The act of a man having sex with three women at the same time, while one of each of the women has blonde, brunette, or red hair. The blonde may be replaced with a geriatric white-haired woman as well. The involvement of a black girl instead of a brunette is a Dirty Neapolitan.
The wife was hesitant for me to bring in another brunette for a threesome, so we went with a blonde and a redhead and I executed The Neapolitan.
by Chicago Joey Biscuits January 07, 2012
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The act of fuckin a chick's butthole then inserting your poop covered dick into her period blood spewing vagina and ejaculating.
Bro, her sheets looked like fucking Auschwitz last night!
Oh you gave her the neapolitan!?
by Helixer69 April 22, 2010
To start, you must find a drunk slut on her period. you then must do her in the ass, making sure to get a good amount of shit on your dick. Then slip the dick into her pussy for a bit, getting some nice blood on it. Then put your dick in her mouth and blast a major cumload inside her mouth. If done properly, when she opens her mouth you should be able to see Brown, Red, and White, the colors of Neapolitan Ice Cream.
Dude, I found this horny slut last night who asked for the Neapolitan!
by P-Snizzle February 12, 2008

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