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This is an intimidation technique that is primarily used to keep a woman quiet when she is being too loud during the throws of passion. You wrap your strong arm around her neck and grab her chin and jaw, and then cover her mouth with you weak hand. You then say to her: "If you dont shut the fuck up, I will snap your neck". If this doesnt shut her up then nothing will. Besides actually doing it.....
I was railing this chick at her house the other night, but I didnt realize her mom was across the hall. When I found out, I had to give that girl The Navy SEAL to make sure I didnt get caught.
by Heywood Jablomy March 12, 2005
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You Sneak Up On woman rip her clothes off and punch her in the nose. as she bleeds all over her face you pull ur balls across her eyes like goggles and spit on her while saying "ride the waves, Ride the Waves" while she jerks you off.
I cant wait to see a trick so i can the navy seal her ass.
by ToMMyGuNNz April 01, 2009
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