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An awesome high school youth group at Grace Family Church in Lutz, Florida. It takes place every Wednesday night at seven o' clock. It is led by Pastor Josh Hawk (aka the coolest guy you will ever meet) and includes an amazing worship band, small groups led by some great people, and the promise that you will experience God like never before.
"Hey you gonna come to my party Wednesday?"
"Can't man. I'm going to The Move."
"What's that?"
"The greatest place you will ever go throughout your high school career."
by Skullingisnotfornovice November 16, 2011
When waiting for a train, walk up to the edge of the platform, peer down the track, then remain there, regardless of anyone waiting politely behind you.
(Waiting on a crowded train platform)
Aaron: "Did you see that guy?!"
Damon: "Yeah, he just pulled the move! What a dick!"
by IateJesus May 05, 2008
A Maneuver a man makes when about to take a dump. The Move includes pulling down ones pants, bending over and crapping all at the same time. Some more skilled men also urinate as they conduct the Move.
If it werent for the move, I would have crapped in my pants and fell on my ass!
by Cow October 15, 2003