Able to have women of all ages, size and races want a man without him initiating or doing anything of any kind to persuade the female species.
Alfred Keith is the man, all he did was walk in the room and every woman dropped their panties in front of him.
#number one #the greatest #best ever #royalty #prince #king
by Aye Kaye April 07, 2011
a person who you diffently don't want to mess with.
a beast who doesn't take shit from anyone and doesn't care about nobody but their self. your best bet is to go through a day without getting your ass kicked by him. and don't mess with zorka
holy shit its the man run.
no the man is going to kick my ass
#me! #i'm a man #zorka #don't fuck with me unless you want to get fucked up #you to
by jajdhjahdjha May 14, 2008
A sex god with a penis like no other. Usually found in the backroom giving a girl an axe wound.
OMG that dude is the true theMan
by strawberry February 16, 2005
someone that does something amazing or is the best. something you should never do is call a woman the man.
Vinnie is the man, he is also the best.
#the best #vinnie #yea buddy #the man #da man
by anti-man123 May 30, 2011
a male who has sex with many women only for the purposes of pleasure and number count
'He slept with 5 girls last night?!? he's THE MAN!!!
#slut #male whore #hooker #asshole #man
by NLZ April 05, 2011
The combination of the words "the" and "man" to express the awesomeness of his life or achievement through written expression
Guy 1: "Dude, I heard John just screwed Maddie!"

Guy 2: "NOW WAY! He is theman!"
#pimp #manwhore #amazing #awesomeness #winner
by maxoflax101 September 28, 2010
Hole cards in the game of Texas Hold'em consisting of an Ace and a Ten. If a hand is won with The Man, the cards must be shown. If the cards are not shown, the person holding them is subject to anal penetration.
"Keith didn't show The Man. Danny! Better get the lube..."
#poker #holdem #hole cards #anal sex #penetration
by DonkeyDanny February 04, 2010
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