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First of all-holy crap. Can I be the first one to actually write a definition about this? Second, on to the definition. The Godfather is a brilliant movie about American-Italian gangsters (not gangstas) and their life. If you haven't watched it (surprise) I won't ruin it for you I'll just say that it's number 1 on theIMDB charts.

It's based on a novel by Mario Puzo. On Metacritic it has an average of 100.
Let's watch the Godfather.
by Serminigo June 10, 2006
When a girl performs fellatio on a guy, sucks his balls too, then back to the dick and then she swallows- that's an offer he can't refuse.
She offered to give him the godfather and he just couldn't refuse- he got it good.
by The twentieth January 18, 2014
when you fuck a girl with orange slice in your mouth. Then die from a heart attack on top of her with your dick still inside while in the middle of a tomato garden
My friend gave his girl The Godfather last night. May he rest in peace.
by jceightynine April 24, 2015
They are the fathers of the flight. da vinchi is the grandfather. he did not put hs name on his invention so it was okay for the wright brothers to take it, it was also good thing they did b/c now we have planes that FLY, all because of the fathers of flight. their manes are Orville, and Wilbur (oink, oink)really everyone coppied off or them like northwest airlines, spirit and fly jamiaca etc. They are the fathers or flight.
As you can see the flight worked in 1899 FINALLY! GO GOD FATHERS
piggy and popcorn
by Chadwick!! November 16, 2004
When a girl takes the full length in the mouth and then you pop ur balls in her mouth and they pop to her cheeks.....The Godfather
I was with some bitch last night and rammed my length down her throat and my balls popped into her mouth, Goddam....The Godfather
by Dtown Steve November 12, 2009
Its when you stick your pinky in a girls stinky and after pulling it out you make her kiss the ring like the godfather.
The Godfather should be used as a sign of respect.
by Hectizzle May 18, 2007
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