a sex move where the girl is placed with her vagina facing upward. the male then jumps off of something high in the air and rams his cock deep and hard into her pussy.
i jumped up on the couch last weekend and gave my girlfriend a nice "the flying v"
by ghosh November 24, 2006
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Top Definition
A pair of fictional crime fighting super heroes from the 1990's. Famed for their vehicle, the 'V Jet' and their catch phrase 'Go V's!'. The duo experienced an increase in fame after gaining a spot on the 'George Vaughan Show'. Clips would be shown as intervals between different parts of the show. Little has been heard of the duo after the show went bankrupt in 1999 due to a lack of funding.
Look! It's that awesome crime busting duo, the Flying V's!
by Will Vaukins May 20, 2008

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