a rare one of a kind species found in the city of Half Moon Bay. This species is red in the face, very white, fat and round.
"HAHA its The Egg."
by Hoe and Beau April 17, 2003
Top Definition
pertaining to and or referencing the time of the month a few days before, during and a few days after ovulation when women are unaware of the psychotic effects hormones have on their mental status, until after that week; particularly evident in those that suffer from PMDD
"I had a case of the eggs"
"I was completely irrational, cause I had a case of the eggs"
by Jenn&Michelle2 October 26, 2009
my friend maria. when i got her phone number i called her "maria the egg" in my phone cos i already had a maria in my phone. dunno why, but the nick name stuck. she doesnt like it...
maria the egg
by salamahol January 11, 2004
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