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MC Duffy aka The Duffinator is a “dark” rapper hailing from Birmingham, UK. Specialising in street poetry, Duffinator has collaborated with prolific producer/MC Dave Neurotic and fellow MC Young Zeus on supertracks “GYM” and “Lethal”, as well as solo hit “bad boy bside demo”.

Duffinator’s perhaps most famous contribution to date is his epic verse on “GYM” with the rhyme “Bustin’ weights, with my mates, do whatever it takes, we get ourselves in states, my heart beats in higher rates”. This catchy refrain and the profound lyrics have received critical acclaim among viewers:

"This definitely got my heart beating at higher rates."
"This could be the greatest thing I have ever seen."
"I have to agree...the way they have deconstructed the human condition continues to astound and inspire me. They have subverted the daily grind by reducing it to a basic act of physical exertion with one's mates. And who doesn't want to "Do whatever it takes" when it comes to pushing through the mundane nature of life and achieving one's goals. Genius."

A self-professed “retired badboy”, The Duffinator also has an interest in catering, which he studies at college (subject of another eulogistic tribute – “Catering” – which he describes as “one for collage sic”).

Duffinator’s inspirations include “Eminem, D12, 50 Cent and Drum an sic Bass".
“My mc name is THE DUFFINATOR Also known as mc Duffy. I have been rapping since the age of 16 after I left a rock band I was in for a year. I found I could write poetry and my poems sounded good to Hip Hop. Now I’m working on a book and an album.” – The Duffinator (2011)

by MC Duffy 4 LIFE!! March 08, 2012
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