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slang term for Almaden Valley where shit is always poppin off.
The Den is where its at, there is no place like it
by jloc October 19, 2006
An Establishment built usually in a garden which groups of people can collate, talk, drink, kiss, cuddle etc.

Or if you are not an idiot or 7 years old, it's called a shed.
Girl: What u doin tonight?
Guy: Nothin
Girl: Fancy coming to the Den, You can have some fish fingers
Guy: Why Not
by FunkySpunk October 10, 2012
a nickname for an ever so popular strip club chain.

Delilah's Den
"Hey let's go to the Den tonight."
by Andy Coronas March 16, 2009
A place at Rancho Bernardo High School where all of the cool kids want to hang out. Only 3 are allowed. Many like "the shit" frequent by there but fail to stay due to intense hatred. When mormom hilll is flooded the inhabitants try to flock to The Den but are killed, so fast.

One had a dream about the area being called The Den, there is also a porn shop in New Zealand called The Den so the name stuck.
I will meet you at The Den after school.
by croft-manor November 30, 2004
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