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in the night, a time where violence and murders happen often.

it can happen anywhere to anyone. places anywhere, especially the ghetto or streets.
mom: the darkness makes unexpected moves, be back by dusk.

boy: ok mum....

Next day

boy: dead
by haiii34 May 04, 2011
Something I'm afraid of.
I'm afraid of the dark.
by A person who's afraid August 20, 2008
a dimension of pure evil
the dark, it shows you things, horrible things. i won't go back there
by b33x August 29, 2006
Statement used when hearing or seeing only the worst possible thing imaginable. Taken from when Justin on Event Horizon awakes from a coma after a visit to "the other place".
Prosecuting - "So may I present to the court the files taken from the hard drive of the defendant Mr Gary Glitter."
The Jury as one - "The Dark"
by Nozzer August 28, 2006