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A statement used by any right minded indigenous UK resident upon witnessing yet another example of the increasing islamification of the once beautiful and proud British isles.
"Have you heard that wailing coming from the speakers on the mosque in Nelstan?"
"Aye - fucking disgrace. Pakis out"
by Nozzer August 24, 2006
The uncanny ability for people who are not quite right in the head to have sometimes supernatural strength. Particularly when they are wound up from you calling them a retard.
"Was abusing mental sheppy the other day"
"Fuck that mate, hes got proper mong strength"
by Nozzer September 05, 2006
Statement used when hearing or seeing only the worst possible thing imaginable. Taken from when Justin on Event Horizon awakes from a coma after a visit to "the other place".
Prosecuting - "So may I present to the court the files taken from the hard drive of the defendant Mr Gary Glitter."
The Jury as one - "The Dark"
by Nozzer August 28, 2006
Hellishly evil race that herald from the terrible lands to the east. All pakis are fully intent on bringing about the end of the world due to years of brainwashing by their backward religion.
Pakis are actually descended from snakes rather than apes, which accounts for their ability to bareface lie about how peaceful their religion is when in reality they would like nothing better then total islamic rule.
The pakis. Jesus. Who in their right mind let them in?
by Nozzer August 25, 2006
A once prosperous town in the heart of Lancashire, now reduced to an aslamic slum hellhole following the terrible mistake of letting the pakis in. See also Brierstan and Bradfordalalabad.
"Went to Nelstan the other day"
"Fuckin unlucky mate"
by Nozzer August 25, 2006
The art of getting off with a big fat bird. The bigger the better.
"How did you go last night then?"
"er went home with that fat bird"
"Good effort chief - get a cut on"
by Nozzer August 28, 2006
Any mentally deficient westerner who panders to the ever more ridiculous demands of the arabs and pakis. And will probably side with them when it all properly kicks off.
That fucking George Galloway is a right screaming liberal. The paki loving cunt.
by Nozzer August 25, 2006

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