Looks like an anvil or a cheese.
One of the best characters from homestarrunner.com.
Also has a gold tooth.
The Cheat is not dead!
I'm so glad The Cheat is not dead!
by person yo-yo September 12, 2003
Assistant of Strong Bad and we're all glad that he's not dead!
"The Cheat is not dead, I'm so glad the Cheat is not dead!"
by Cubie July 28, 2003
he screwed up the jumble caper
i got mad at the cheat
for screwin up the jumble caper
hope i dont see his name in the paper
in the obituaries
cause that would mean he is dead
the cheat is not dead
I'm so glad the cheat is not dead
by Anonymous April 02, 2003
A really really cute animal thing that is the coolest thing around. He is also friends with Strong Bad, Strong Mad, plays games with Strong Sad, and sleeps one of Coach Z's lockers. His house is the King's bb-q grill, and he really like throwing lightswitch raves.
Who's the dude that moves to the beat?

by Pigcrzy July 31, 2003
The best little guy that can beat pickachu into the ground.
The Cheat shall previal
by DCH June 04, 2003
The real reason Strongbad is still being watched by millions and loved by millions. (He is the awesome color of yellow)
All hail the CHEAT
by Real rose May 29, 2003
Yellow creature of about one foot of height and spotted back, presumably of extraterrestrial origin.
"No rule is solid."
-Personal motto of the Cheat
by Targen December 02, 2002
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