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While doing a girl from behind, subtly grab a flashlight and flash it towards the ceiling. Once she's distracted and confused by the light, scream "TO THE BATCAVE!", and slam into her ass.
My girlfriend is still mad at me for doing the batman to her last week
by ti69 June 22, 2009
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A sex act: When you force a young child (preferably male) to watch you shoot his parents in the face with your load
Little Horatio was scarred when he witnessed his parents suffer the fate of The Batman
by metalthrasher07 May 19, 2011
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When you're taking a bitch from behind and, suddenly, leave the house without a trace and she never sees you again.

The best way to do this is to hold her against the mattress, with one hand and (possibly using your foot for aid) pick your clothes up, off of the floor. When you think she's really feeling it, jump backwards, through the door. Put your pants on, quickly, when you land on your back, grab your shoes and get the rest of your clothes on, in the bushes.

I've done this, twice, and it always works.

By the time she gets to the door, I'm gone like a cool breeze.

I never tried it in a big house, though. Just little apartments. I can't imagine it would work, if she's got a big bedroom.
I was fuckin' this chick right, last night, until she started talkin' about breakfast 'n' shit. I pulled my shit out, right quick, and gave that bitch the batman.
by jambox jamboree July 20, 2009
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Shittiest batman cartoon ever. Basically a clone of Jack Chan adventures, this incarnate of batman has a younge Bruce Wayne fight a Jamaican Joker, a Bane that looks like a oversized used tampon, and a Mr. Freeze that has a used condom on his head. Nice going WB
Batman the animated series>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Batman
by Juicy Mix February 24, 2005
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When a male paints his scrodum black with Paint or Ink and receives oral sex (from male or female). The giver of the oral sex is lying on the bed with his or her head hanging off the edge of the bed. While giving oral sex, the male scrodum is tapping against the givers eyes and nose area shading this area of the face black thus revieling a look that resembles a BatMan Mask.
Last night i gave my girl the "The BatMan".
by crazyassfool April 18, 2010
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Performed during "Whoopie".

1. When you are about to blow your load, walk away into a dark room saying nothing. Lure her into to the room, and much like Batman himself, use her fear and surroundings to stalk her until you can swoop down on her like the predator you are and the prey she is, and blow your load on her.


2. Hang from the ceiling and lure your, vctim, into the room and when shes in the right position swoop down and blow your load on her.
The cops were impressed with my creativity in creating THE Batman, but were unimpressed along with the EMS team when my girlfriend had a heart-attack after I swooped on her and erupted.
by Jack Macaque July 19, 2010
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A sexual act where mid copulation you kill your partners parents, preferably by shooting them.
Inmate 1: "hey man, what are you in for?"
Inmate2: "I did the batman on my girlfriend"
by delahunty1000 January 25, 2016
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