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When you point and admire yourself in the mirror while you are having sex. A reference to what Patrick Bateman played by Christian Bale did a scene from the movie American Psycho.
Last night i pulled The Bateman when i was having sex with my girlfriend
by Steve Led February 14, 2011
"The Bateman" is a cocktail made up on the spot at parties.

Made by getting the biggest container available (usually a vase or jug) and you pour in any alcoholic beverages you have at your disposal.

The end result can be either really nice, or really nasty - it just depends what you poured in.
"Hey, Doug, what is that you're drinking out of that vase?"

"This? Oh, it's The Bateman!"

"Is it good?"

"Hell yeah!"
by GBateman August 22, 2008
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